Physicists: Inside our universe, another universe goes back in time.. I know the details

Physicists have put forward a new absurd theory study, but there is clear experimental evidence that it is right and said that our universe is another world just like going back in time, RT reports.

People appear in it first as old people, and then they are born, this appears madness, but on the other hand it seems that, but we cannot look at it. There is an impenetrable wall between us.

Study issues

New facts up to other facts and causes In reality, new and collective facts

Thus when the great event happened our universe was born, and at the same time the twins of time were born, as in time, as if they were within each other, but they are forward in time and the last of them backward.

And the scientists said that the universe is perfectly symmetric, and everything in it is symmetrical Pacific islands, and that means. 23 degrees…

In addition, the world is full of neutron channels, as the lightest particle, even the one with the largest mass. All rotate to the right. No particle rotates to the left. There is what is there part of there, there is what is there that is set around there. It is now.

The great progress had given birth to a recorded universe, which must be an office with gravitational waves. But we do not carry such a thing. And we’re only beginning to notice gravitational waves, which are very weak. It is now clear to the eye that all gravitational waves are used to separate our worlds.

And finally, the force of gravity, no catastrophe for general rules, neither quantum mechanics nor bond science has managed to “repress” it to the end. The new theory says that gravity is the effect of that other world on ours.

There are some examples in this relationship, and as some of the parser, we invite some ideas.

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