Ross Cosmos could bankrupt OneWeb

Dmitry Rogozin, Director General of Roscosmos Corporation, announced that British company OneWeb will go bankrupt after Roscosmos refused to carry its satellites into space with Russian missiles, RT reports.

And Rogozin says, “Its bankruptcy because of the losses it incurs.

“Experts know very well that OneWeb is gone and no longer exists,” he adds.

Rogozin declared, “It is appropriate to act in the interests of Russia.

OneWeb’s planes actually use it, but that name, OneWeb, uses it for it.

Rogozin announced that the launch complex of “Soyuz” missiles at the Kourou space airport in French Guiana will be permanently frozen.

And he says, the Kourou Soyuz launch complex will “freeze” forever.

He clarifies, Russia does not need a reliable partner, such as the European Space Agency, which is behaving recklessly

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