The evolution of a flying drone in heavy rain

The drone manufacturer DJI about series Mattress M30 Aircraft from the enterprise’s drones Messier 30 in duplicate, Mattress M30 And theMattress M30T. The company calls this series the new generation of commercial drones.

A plane for what the Arab portal for technical news said, simply Mattress M30 And the Mattress M30T Wind resistance at a speed of 15 meters in the second class.

And don’t come back Mattress M30 And the Mattress M30T Drone for other levels of drones DJIa group of first receivers.

The aircraft provides the most powerful and powerful aircraft. While the company says it’s sized ready for easy portability and quick setup.

Tml model Mattress M30 48MP Zoom Camera with Sensor CMOS Measures 1/2 inch with an optical zoom of 5 .x and 16x 200x digital zoom, 12MP wide-angle cam capable of shooting photos with 8 . resolutionK 4 . video recordingK frame 30 fps (FPS), and a laser rangefinder that can give long-range objects up to 1200 meters.

while simple Mattress M30T Radiation with a resolution of 640 x 512 pixels. she says DJI The plane Mattress M30 2015 withstands extreme and harsh environments.

They can fly in heavy rain, high winds, high altitudes, and icy and snowy conditions in extreme temperatures of -20 to 50 degrees Celsius (-4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit).

You can find solutions in good conditions in writing conditions, and adjust them

In addition, landing, successfully landing with only three propellers. transmission system OcuSYnc 3 Quad antenna from DJI And she has a relationship LTE Reserve allowed contact holding in difficult terrain and working conditions.

she says DJI It is unlike other commercial drones, it adopts Mattress M30 Small, lightweight and portable, easy to disassemble, store and carry.

Thermal insulated battery packs with battery design TB30 Self-heating can support less than 400 charge cycles and allow a flight time of 41 minutes.

Eliminate smart charging case BS30 Allows a quick charge of the battery from 20 to 90 texts in 30 minutes. It also has a new self-locking, and can be folded, adjusted, and folded at the push of a button. The company claims that this class is the fastest and easiest drone DJI company High performance.

Located in the charging case, owns DJI The most charging system DJI Doc. longer DJI Doc A new solution from the company that allows fully automatic and programmed flights.

she says DJI It broadens the horizon for tasks that can be monitored and supervised. And after setting up, the fully charged aircraft can take off from DJI Doc By programmed in Flight Hub 2 In place within a radius of seven kilometers.

And as soon as the plane returns DJI Doc Messages are sent automatically, with a fast-charging and battery-cooling system allowing it to take off again within 25 minutes.

and rated DJI Doc Driving to standard IP55. While it was separated from the basic inner class of a standard IP67making it resistant to water and dust even when it is open.

and come Mattress M30 with console DJI RC Plus And two class batteries TB30 And the smart charging case BS30 and plane bag, available DJI Doc Separately and being tested first in the first quarter of 2022, the starting price Mattress M30 From $10,000 while starting price Mattress M30T From 14 thousand dollars.

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