The Russians are ready to dispense with foreign aviation materials.. Details

Scientists from the University of Novosibirik, just announced that they have devised technology to produce silicon carbide raw fibers in aviation and space, cheaper and faster than Western analogues, RT reports.

Yevgeny Galashov, project leader from the university’s Department of Applied Physics, contributes to the project with an American and British company, notes that the technology, long learned and highly acquainted, brings them together.

“The technology devised by the university’s scientists allows these fibers to be produced within a short period of time and at a lower cost,” he says.

Obtaining an industrial result, a new industrial technology based on a chemical reaction to its formation, industrial and industrial.

An industrial vacuum project for the production of silicon carbide fibers in retail.

It is reported that fibrous composites based on aluminum alloys for heat and carbon-fiber ceramic matrices, used in new generation aerospace engineering, combine these building materials in building properties and high durability at elevated temperatures.

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