Apple and WiLAN sign a patent licensing agreement.. Know the details

WiLAN, Inc.’s license agreement for Apple’s invention, has settled all outstanding rights, weeks after the iPhone maker won a patent dispute with the technology company over communications.

Last February, Apple persuaded an appellate court to reject the $85 million jury award for a WiLAN copyright law license after a retrial in 2020, Apple asked the commercial circuit, the global court, including the WiLAN expert’s problems.

A company sued Quarterhill Inc.’s WiLAN in 2014 and sought a ruling about the overall bandwidth environment in a wireless network, and WiLAN claimed iPhone models 5 and 6 infringed patents using the LTE standard.

The core of WiLAN is the ownership of intellectual property, the charging of fees to companies that benefit from the property, the intellectual property disclosure terms.

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