Full details of Elon Musk’s opening of a new factory for Tesla cars in Germany

Elon Musk opens Tesla’s first car factory in Europe, at 5.5 billion, as Tesla boss makes 30 all-electric Model Y cars, and makes some moves resembling the ceremonial ones he made at the Shanghai Giga opening in China in 2020.

A video posted by Tesla showed the whole thing a short dance of Musk in Berlin, as well as the first delivery of the car and views of the new plant from the outside.

In the field of talking to some of the activities, their logos and inquiries, they receive what they reach after sales.

Tesla’s goal is to produce up to half a million cars a year – roughly 9,600 cars a week –

Its production begins its production also begins at a later time, its production also begins in production whose production begins several months after the start of production.

The new plant is expected to ease demand at Tesla’s auto plants in the US and China, as it ships vehicles to Europe in an effort to demand.

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