How to do it.. How do you know exactly which version of iPad is in two different ways

Apple released versions of IPADpublishing house library

What is your iPad generation?

According to the website,interested in trade‘, contains every device IPAD on device type IPAD And when it was manufactured and more, and to know the device IPAD Which you have quickly, find that version number.

You can find the version number in two ways, looks like:

Find the version number in Settings

If you can play it IPAD Second version method

1. Open the Settings app on your device and tap General.

2. In the next menu, click About at the top of the menu.

3. Look for the version 4, version 4, and number tags to reveal a short code by letter.a“.

The version name line will tell you the name IPAD Your screen size may be, but generations can IPAD This name, its time, the time the number begins a unique to version IPAD your.

Find the version number on the back of your iPad

If a device can’t IPADJust put it on the heart of the device IPAD And look back, it will be below the logo IPAD and next to the word “version”, where you’ll literally see a new term a you some.

This is the version number, using it you can search for a generation IPAD your online selector.

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