Report: Global interest in Facebook declined by about 90% in the religious ten

Media reports suggest there has been an 87 percent drop in search volume for the term Facebook in the past decade, and Banklessti revealed that the app’s aging, lack of interest in social networking, along with the TikTok boom, is the reason behind the interest in Facebook’s cosmopolitanism.

The largest number of born in marriage in many brands around the world.

The annual report released 1.93 billion daily users in the third quarter of 2021, and exacerbated this with joining the market.

And in February, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg blamed the company’s loss on the TikTok boom — which is being driven by the market for the short videos it creates.

And while Meta, which also owns Instagram and WhatsApp, and also offers photo and video sharing, it didn’t quite live up to Tiktok’s links, an area to report.

According to Zuckerberg, the company is working on offering the short video producer to try to download from the report’s mention.

It is scheduled to appear on the graph that appears on the graph that appears on the graph, and appeared on the graph that appears on the graph that appears on the graph, which is pictured on Facebook who rely on social networks. on their companies.

And stay away from advertisers from Facebook, and TikTok seems to be the part that appears in the comparison clip

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