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Robinhood said that with the new fiat currency, it could be the choice to round the change to the nearest dollar and invest in the assets of their choice.

This institution is the same in commerce. The card is offered by Robinhood Money, an online brokerage subsidiary.

Other consumer finance apps like Chime and Acorns Grow Inc also allow for incremental change investing, which is an advantage, and it’s possible to get a small investment of money and is particularly attractive to younger consumers.

“The younger generation is the foundation of the card, so that is the primary focus,” said Robinhood Aparna Chennapragada chief product officer, adding that the company was trying to achieve a shift from the consumer towards address cards and digital spending.

Robinhood said the cash card will allow talk to celebrate the island party of investing and spending. It would replace the company’s current transition product, where the investment and residence were connected in their brokerage account.

California-based, California-based Menlo Park will give the option to receive payroll checks up to two days in advance, via direct deposit, a feature that is also an advantage, digital payments giant PayPal Holdings Ltd.

Robinhood said it could also be ready to automatically invest a portion of their paycheck. The company also said that these new features will be free.

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