A study warns of “cookies” on the web .. Details

A study shows that more than 20% of websites use cookies on data-saving devices and reminders of information, settings, login credentials, login credentials, and email signatures. This is due to the possibility of phasing out the possibility of phasing out in the future. And every easy website still asks that it wants “all cookies”.

Cookies, known as “cookies”, to make websites more convenient. Use it to enter, eg, remember your favorite shopping site, or save your social network.

Links Link affiliate cookies, link them together, link them together.

* Cookies on cookies. Trips around the world

And one of the chief technical experts in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa, that there are occasional hazards to all cookies and that they tend to agree to them in order to get rid of the “annoying” warning window. Arrange to organize information. Some things that could contain sensitive information?

If the link settings are set, the link can be set in a specific state. Face any problem from outside parties. He knows which option to delete or is more reliable, he knows he knows more than is appropriate.

Site file relationships. There are other programs such as the private browsing feature to browse privately, and then watch programs that will investigate programs in phishing attempts and protect them from viruses.

There are cases of cookies in token bearing, to save energy, in the form of boxes, and plans for it. He concluded: “We must become more active with the dangers inherent in cookies, and the misuse of an idea.”

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