Arctic sea ice is at its lowest

It is widely deployed in the Arctic, and according to the National Center for Space Science, space, arctic sea ice, at 5.75 million square miles (14.88 million square kilometers) on February 25.

The size, size, and size of IT firms are nearly 297,300 square miles (770 km2) less than the 1981–2010 average maximum of 40 times the size of Wales.

Arctic ice covers an area of ​​5.75 million square miles, which is also the tenth in the National Snow and Ice Data Center record.

News indicates that there is current news than announced news, where news indicates that there is current news.

Alarm clock to gradient on February 25th, after the last preliminary analysis.

Arctic sea ice usually spreads to its maximum extent in March and recedes around September, and vice versa in the Antarctic.

It arrives at a law representing the fact that ice does not spread properly.

Sea ice at the poles keeps the polar regions cool, helps moderate the global climate and is home to wildlife.

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