GIF creator Stephen Welheit dies at 74

Stephen Wilheit, one of the main inventors of GIF, has died of COVID at the age of 74, Mulla for his wife, Kathleen. While he was working at CompuServe in the 1980s. Retired in the first decade

It is pronounced as ‘JIF’, not ‘GIF’.

This is why Wilhite template was created for the format.

CompuServe introduced it in the late 1980s as a distribution method for “high-quality, high-resolution graphics” in color at a time when internet speeds were icy compared to what they are today.

“He invented the GIF on his own — he actually did it at home and put it into action after he mastered it,” Kathleen said. “He would figure out everything on his head in his head and then go to town and programmed it on the computer.”

If you want to finish developing a GIF, the Daily Dot has a good explanation of how the format has become an online phenomenon.

While there have been long discussions about how to pronounce the correct pronunciation of the image format. In 2013, Naama told The New York Times, the Oxford English Dictionary accepts both areas. They are wrong. It’s a c, pronounced jeff. end of story “.

He repeated this stance by accepting a Webby Lifetime Achievement Award for inventing the GIF later that month, the animation to deliver his acceptance speech.

“After 25 years, they finally honor this achievement,” Kathleen said, adding that creating the GIF was what he was most proud of.

A long period of time appeared in CompuServe, describing it, due to a significant impact on the company.

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