Google drops Play Movies app for Google TV

Take charge of the application Google TV Paper movies app gameacross all devices Androidhas been put Google TV In late 2020, his mission to replace Play movies and TV Good idea, your appearance, your appearance, your appearance.

It was an addition Google TV to the system Android Environmental has largely been phased out up to this point, but now it’s set to be a core experience Androidwindow digitartlend.

Movies and TV will be turned off game As the face of an official store Android flowing in favor of Google TV And from May.

and abbr google Earlier this week that content purchase on Play movies and TV It will not be supported in store game mediator Google TV place Play movies and TV What are the countries from abroad Android at that point.

And make sure to note that all purchases made in the app Play movies and TV You will go to an application Google TV Like I did since submitting Google TV.

Also downloaded is dignity as an icon and other particles game“to me Google TV.

And that sounds like it sounds like it seems to focus on this Google TV It makes sense for the restrictions you exercise outside Netflix And the hollow on digital content.

The role is not limited Google TV On being a storefront streaming night vision for the entrance as I did Play movies and TVand, instead, associate it with the marriage business, their broadcast subscriptions in one central location, as well as showtimes.

Addressed to the target, airmail Google TV To the forefront of streaming services on Android where it has been simplified.

Fortunately, it appears that the application Google TV It is a better choice for users Android From Play & T movies. You should practice holding on for the long haul.

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