A call from Tech brokers against the judicial platform from disturbing videos

Two mediators filed innocently in tik tok Federal lawsuit against the platform and its parent company Attention bad for engorged according to NPR .

And Darian Ashley Phillies and Rhys Young created a park of videos…

The lawsuit accuses tik tok negligently and in violation of labor laws in California, states in which the platform’s operations are based in the United States.

Both plaintiffs said they were charged with watching hours of disturbing footage, often working 12 hours a day, and both paid for counseling for the psychological isolation of the job.

The lawsuit accuses tik tok By forcing mediums to produce high productivity, forcing them to produce large amounts of content, without interruption, the two employees were also forced to sign a nondisclosure order as a condition of their employment.

Velez told NPR: “We had filmed the photo, photo, photo, photo, photo, photo, actress, actress, actress, gender turns, video clip, exposed

and brokers in Facebook At the same time, the images show earlier or when, earlier, appearing in short periods of time, showing earlier, the policies of the platform.

This job is often called the “worst tech job”, and workers return and suffer from depression and certain symptoms.

And in the 2020 settlement, pay Facebook More than 52 million dollars.

This is not the first lawsuit of this kind tik tok which constitutes a base of 10,000 global content moderators.

Last December, another content moderator uploaded to tik tok The statute also sued for negligence and violation of workplace safety standards. his mother for NPR Last month’s case file.

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