Expands its partner training program in open hybrid cloud computing

Red Hat announced the beta version, to expand the scope of the certified training (Red Hat for Training and Certification), to support its partners in their journey towards their skills and gain new experiences in the field of open hybrid cloud computing technologies, for Red Hat partners now have access to the curriculum, provided by the program “Red Hat” online training at no cost, in order to help them develop their skills about “Red Hat” solutions in the following areas:

Red Hat plans to launch free courses for partners throughout the year. Course in Courses Option in Supervised Course Exam Opportunity for Red Hat Certification Exam Opportunities for Red Hat Certification at Low Prices.

Ken Goetz, Vice President and Representative, Corporate Client Success Opportunities and Business Management at Red Hat, said: “The key leaders are important to Red Hat’s vision for the era of open, hybrid cloud computing, continuing to achieve customer continuity in digital innovation. Expanding the scope of Red Hat’s partner training, has expanded to enable them to deliver impactful opportunities that help them unleash their capabilities in open hybrid cloud computing by relying on Red Hat’s state-of-the-art technologies.

The support provided by the subsidiaries of “Red Hat”. Building on feedback to partners, Red Hat is expanding enabling resources to its IT partners, teams of consultants, solution architects, technology officers and developers. Available to partners without having to pay any fees.

Institutions and companies that seek to develop keeping pace at the sector level through continuous innovation have faced dependence on continuous continuity to rely on continuity of work on institutions and companies that seek to leapfrog and develop technology, and provide distinguished services. Hands-on quality and technical training

In fact, the study commissioned by global research firm IDC and commissioned by Red Hat Organizations using Red Hat curricula achieve a three-year ROI of 365 percent, an increase, by learning to match their requirements through online modules and labs.

Of the initial training programs available from “Red Hat” to partners, 17 training courses, so that you can access the “Red Hat” partner training portal, and these programs contribute to paving the way for the future skills of partners through training programs, certificates accredited by Red Hat.

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