Google is testing alternatives to the Play Store billing system from Spotify .. Know the details

Google launched a pilot system because its billing systems are external in Android and across its wider ecosystem engorged.

And the company sent, that it wants Iran with a few developers, most notably Spotify.

And as of this year, you will have users spotify Who work for the company through the store game Option to pay for a subscription excellent Through one of the billing systems google or spotify.

“For the first time, these two options will live side by side in the app,” the company said. This will give freedom of choice in the purchase option of their choice in the app spotify. “

She said spotify It will start cooperation with google In this period of the first months, the first months of the current, which includes the production teams of both companies.

Samir Samat, Vice President of Product Management at google: “This version will help us with the range of sizes and categories and how they work in different sizes and categories and how they work.”

hold to spotify her advertising bags in 2020, she represented, along with advertising campaigns Epic Games , Alliance for App Justiceto press an Apple And the google in changing policies.

Meanwhile, for the company google The pilot is a largely defensive move on the part of the company like an Apple and the company spent a lot of time and lobbying resources like opening the Apps Act, most recently, before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

With the bill becoming law as it stands, it appears that it will prevent app market owners who sell eggs to more than 50 million users in the US from locking third-party developers into their payment systems.

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