Google: thwart the cyber-attacks of North Korea in the region of 2022..Details

. Exchange Group announced google She discovered a pair of cadres of a North Korean company that operates under the name Job dream process And the AppleJeus process Looks like he’s exhausted Chromaccording to a report engorged .

There are reports of attacks going back to the USA, and reports indicate that they could also be targets.

team wrote google “We suspect groups that your facility operates in a group post, and then use the same group of posts that work with a task group and publish different technologies, and the platform is invited by the North Korean government. The same tools of exploitation.

and targeted 250 People across 10 companies with fraudulent job offers like Disney And the inspiration And he managed to make accounts look like they were dead ZipRecruiterclicking on the link will result in a frame iframe Hidden leads to the site stop site.

On the other hand, the process of Applegus More than 85 users in industries to confront the financial crypto, using the same approach.

Security researchers have found google Until this effort included “bargaining at least the table location of the fintech companies and tire replacement iframe Service Gesture Service Relationships In other cases, our services are in fake websites that are actually dedicated to distributing coins with Trojan hosting frames iframe It directs its visitors to the exploitation toolkit. “

“The group initially serves some obscure JavaScript that is used to fingerprint the target system,” the team said. This script collected all available client information such as user agent, solution, etc., and then sent another to the hosting server.

If the enterprise was working for an account, the state was high chrome RCE Some Additional JavaScript Information RCE Successful, it will ask for javascriptSBX‘, which is a common abbreviation for Sandbox Escape. “

And I discovered a safety group google Activity on February 10 and corrected it Gmail And the Workspace by attempts.

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