How do you do it? How to access and download iCloud photos from your computer

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How to view iCloud photos on PC?

Step 1: Your email address, using the iCloud website, you can view your iCloud photos from any computer. Make sure to use the same link to access your iCloud Photo Library.

Step 2: Choose Photos from the list to upload your iCloud Photo Library. The download may time the first download time.

Step 3: Search iCloud Photo Library to see what you have. The Photos section is loaded, you will be able to search for photos from all your network devices with iCloud. Photos taken with a device may appear until they are uploaded, which takes a few minutes.

1. Your recent photos are sorted by date in the Moments tab.

2. You can view your multiple albums via the albums tag.

Step 4: Click on the image to view it in full size. When you click on an image in the browser, it will open and you will be able to see it with its view.

album to the previous or next photo on the day, click the “” buttons.

Step 5: Hover on the trash button, you can delete a photo. When you have an image open, you’ll see this in the top corner. If you delete a photo, it will be removed from all of your synced devices.

Step 6: To select photos, click on the Select Photos button. When viewing an album, find this button in the top corner. You can then choose each photo you want to select after clicking on Select Photos. You will be able to download or delete photos at once in this way.

Step 7: Click Download to download your chosen photos. Save them to your browser’s sacred download, which is generally known as “downloads”.

Step 8: To delete the photos you selected, tap Delete. The photos you selected will be removed from all of your synced devices.

Step 9: Click the Add to button to add the photos to the album. You can choose from any of your previous albums or create a new album in the popup that opens.

Install iCloud for Windows

You can also get iCloud installed for Windows. Sync your iCloud photos with a custom folder on your computer after installation. It will basically allow you to access the photos.

To easily download all iCloud files to your Windows PC, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the official iCloud download page on your Windows PC browser.

Step 2. Set up the iCloud for Windows driver. Use and use your iCloud or Apple data. Your phone may receive a verification code. To terminate the emergency login, enter it into the available process.

The third step. Next, click on the Apply button after selecting the photos.

Step 4. Select iCloud Photos from File Explorer. This button is located on the side to the side of the window in navigation.

Step 5. Select the option from the Convert Images box.

Step 6. Select “All” from the drop-down menu above the “Download” button. The exact time depends on how many photos you have.

Step 7. Open File Explorer and go to iCloud Photos then Downloads All Downloaded Photos. You can save the images to an external device or copy them to another location on your computer.

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