Some Hyundai cars work

Since its launch in 2020 apples The digital car key feature is only available on a few models BMW Since January, last, to report Engage Quoted from a new Bloomberg

These plans are set ahead of time in a plan I monitored an Apple Update site file CarplayTo indicate that 2022 Genesis GV60 and 2022 G90 and 2022 Kia Niro right Now.

It is clear whether the function car key Models already available in a wide range or whether they are already available Hyundai More information on sale in the past weeks

While car manufacturers have introduced remote controls for locking through smartphones while the time car key different in that it deals with a device Iphone And the Apple Watch Your as a physical key.

This time, only bring your phone or wearable device to your car door handle to open it, and some vehicles let you too, by putting your device from the ignition button, with the latest hardware Iphone that comes from a mobile phone U1 From an Apple You don’t even need to remove your phone from your pocket to get to your car.

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