The discovery of an exoplanet the size of Jupiter .. Know the details

Astronomers at the University of Pennsylvania have discovered an exoplanet TOI-3757 BIts volume is somewhat larger than that of Jupiter, but its mass is three times less RT .

pointing site, to scientists who discovered this planet by the “transit” method, which contains searching for stars whose brightness curve decreases due to the passage of a large object in their background. The planetary nature of the signal detected in the star is confirmed TOI-3757 which belongs to red dwarfs of the spectral type Mduring the subsequent period.

The radius of the planet TOI-3757 B It is 1.09 times larger than the radius of Jupiter, and its mass is about 0.268 that of Jupiter.

That is, its density is equal to 0.27 grams per cubic centimeter, and this makes it MThe planet revolves around the parent star once every 3.44 days at a distance of 0.038 astronomical units, and the temperature of the planet is estimated at 759 K.

Get the star mother TOI-3757 The planet orbits about 578 light-years from Earth, has an estimated age of $7.1 billion, and a temperature of 3,913 Kelvin. and upper boundary balances, 37% shooting gear, and overhead sun sights.

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