Toyota and Aurora are testing the robot hub in Texas.. know the details

An understanding has been established. And TechCrunch reports that the two companies are launching an independent test ride to order in the Dallas-Fort Worth area using a Sienna-modified hybrid minivan.

The project will focus on highways and high-speed highways, and is already tackling challenges such as high-speed mergers, construction and vehicles parked on shoulders.

And there was a chauffeur, a driver of an insane misdemeanour.

And Siennas independently sprint up to 70 mph, and Aurora said it would develop the fleet and expand its range to include more.

Aurora bears fruit due to the abundance of major freight transportation methods, vans, freight forwarding, cargo and commercial truck vans of the Aurora Connect robotaxi platform, such as horseback riding to the airport.

The board of directors of the trucking company is already moving to Uber Freight in Texas. There’s a lot of pressure on Toyota and Aurora to pass the test, so take standard Aurora tests in December 2020, it can be confirmed in passenger travel confirmation, and eventually hopes to connect you with Uber and other paging services.

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