music: The Rock World Is Stunned By The Loss Of Legendary Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins

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The world of rock music is mourning another loss and this one really hurts. Taylor Hawkins, the absolutely legendary drummer of Foo Fighters, passed away at the age of 50. The band was touring in South America when it happened and the cause of death is unknown.

Hawkins is regarded as one of the best rock drummers of this generation and his loss will be greatly missed. After the news, many of music’s biggest stars took to Twitter to express their feelings on one of the business’s best.

Taylor Hawkins’ Destroying A Drum Kit

Foo Fighters have too many incredible songs to pick out a single favorite. The diversity they display in their music is at the very top of the musical mountain. There is one song nearly everyone knows and it happens to be one of their best. It’s also a song in which Taylor Hawkins absolutely wreaks havoc. The buildup of Everlong with its consistent and driving drumming from Hawkins makes it one of the best rock songs ever written.

Hawkins Can Sing Too

Besides his fantastic drumming, Taylor Hawkins can sing too, and covering Queen is a bold move. But it’s hard to forget this moment when Hawkins nailed one of Freddie Mercury’s iconic tunes.

Hawkins will be missed by many but not forgotten. His contribution to music is iconic and the world of rock music was forever changed by what Foo Fighters were able to accomplish.

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