Report: Facebook is considered “extremist activity” in Russia… and Telegram bypasses WhatsApp

Facebook and Instagram have already been announced, in fact, a court in Moscow, the networks in the country were already blocked earlier.

Owner was sentenced dead on charges of “extremist activities” against Russia. The Sun.

It’s the time you use blanket law against a foreign technology company.

It was dedicated to the likes of the Taliban farewell photo.

Prosecutors concluded that the company “deliberately tolerated hate”.

The government’s state news agency, Meta’s lawyer argued, is an extremist and anti-Russian organization.

but The WhatsApp which you own dead Also block ban.

With an estimated 67 million users last year, some experts told the magazine wired do you think that The WhatsApp He survived the ban on protest among the Russians.

Estimated researcher Informed Intelligence Facebook had only 7.5 million users in the country.

It seems that the user base Instagram The highest cost is 80 million.

Founding of the Executive Office Meta Messenger WhatsApp pointing to functions to disseminate information to the public“.

Recent data indicates that rival Telegram has overtaken WhatsApp as the most popular messaging app in Russia.

And despite the ban on Facebook and Instagram, he enters them “on trial”.

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