The collapse of the cliff in the southern continent worries scientists .. Video and photos

A set of questions, round size in the New York area.

Satellite images, published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, show that the ice shelf conger With a value of 460 square miles, 460 miles in ocean, March 15th is the first close to this date, and this is the date, the future in your history in the permafrost..

Daily Mail report

Ice shelves, permanent, land-operated floating ice sheets, take thousands of years to form like barriers trapping snow and ice that once flowed into the ocean, causing sea levels to rise..

High temperatures in the period of high temperatures of 40 ° C (70 ° F) the phenomenon of rivers in the atmosphere.

This process creates pillars hundreds of miles long that carry the meaning of wildlife in the different regions, creating an effect that Neve insects describe as “a fire hose from the sky.”


Affected area
Affected area

Trade relations Satellite imagery, satellite, the area has been shrinking rapidly in the two years of experimentation, and stutter, this small area has begun in the commercial area of ​​the southern continent and its resistance.

The ice shelf, about 460 square miles wide in its source rivers on March 14 and 16, said ice scientist Catherine Walker of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution said the ice shelf, which is about 460 square miles wide, originated from the continent on March 14 and 16, making it less.

While Neve said: “..! Glinzer Conger It has been sent, thousands of years, another number on all, “that is the concern of assumptions about stability east” of Antarctica, may not be true.

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