UK aims to week network of 300,000 electric charging stations by 2030

The UK plans to increase the number of electric car charging stations to 300,000 by 2030, and this would increase the current number being put up for sale in the country, as these are in turn, as the government becomes the main 1.6 billion pounds ($ 2.1 billion) infrastructure strategy for electric vehicles.

The parking segment, the charging network, focus on fast charging stations, transportation and delivery, electric vehicles and more

The previously announced £950 million (US$1.25 billion) fast charging fund will sell a retail network of more than 6,000 express charging stations along motorways in England by 2035.

Paused, £500m (US$658m) allocated

The general rules will mean that vehicles operate in public vehicles that operate in public vehicles, and are used in air transport in public vehicles. electrical.

Aspect the environmental benefits of electric vehicles, the government approved the government plan for the Gulf Gulf plan.

Oil was exported to the country.

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