After a long wait… Apple introduces the “Face ID” feature with the muzzle

The American electronics company, Emirates Airlines, has launched the new version of smart device applications, which is iOS 15.4, a large group of pounds, which facilitates access to and increase the functions of iPhone phones, and hence the UAE statement.

The new version of the operating system will launch the long-awaited feature known as “Universal Control” to operate the “Face ID” function, i.e. use facial features as a password for the iPhone,,, Watch the use of “FaceID” even if the user wears a protective mask. . New version 37 emoji program.

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The images posted with 15.1 in December, added more heaven and back to Apple’s old versions operating system and improved older versions.

The new “Universal Control” feature the use of other devices for a mobile phone, easy to use one device.

It was introduced in the fall, and was for the first time and shown during the current spring. The previous version of it from the last version of the fourth version

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And Apple updated the “Face ID” feature so that the idea of ​​iPhone 12 and later generations phones could be worn with a muzzle.

This freedom is used in the use of the “FaceID” feature.

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