Apple suspends Apple Pay for its payment system

US technology and technology giant Apple has recently suspended the payment and signal service Apple Pay in Russia, Russia’s largest payments lender said Friday, indicating the closure of a loophole that allowed Russians to continue using the service.

Apple’s business began restricting the use of Apple Pay, it began operating in Russia in 2016, on March 1 in Russia’s anchorage along with thousands of troops to Ukraine on February 24, banning Russian Mastercard and Visa card holders from using the service.

The domestic Russian system, Mir, remained connected to Apple Pay until this access was removed Thursday, the National Card Payment System (NSPK) in Russia.

And “NSPK has informed that it will suspend Apple Cards in the Apple Pay payment service, and that starting March 24, new cards cannot be added to the service, and Apple will suspend new Cards cards initially.”

Further use of Mir cards in Apple Pay to be available, said Sberbank.

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