How to flag your Tweet for sensitive content

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Announced on Twitter that content warnings could be placed on individual posts and videos. Earlier, I had to mark the entire account as “sensitive” if it routinely posted sensitive content. With the new system, everyone will be able to label their content as “sensitive” when necessary.

In a tweet, Twitter said: “The option to add one-time sensitive content warnings to photos and videos you tweet is now available to everyone across Android, iOS, and the web, and to dismiss a warning, tap the flag icon when editing a photo/video with a post that you attach to your tweet.”

How will you know a tweet contains sensitive content?

1. Open Twitter on your phone

2.Click the + icon at the bottom right, a new business opportunity

3. Tweet

4. Add an image to the items on the dots at the bottom right

5. Select the last option that looks like “flag” at the bottom right

6.Choose from the three options – Nudity, Violence and Sensitivity

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