Sony plans to announce a new service for the PlayStation platform and the content of Game Pass next week

Sony plans early in the beginning to announce a new subscription service in video games for the PlayStation platform, and this is what it wants in the name of Spartacus, which is its response to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, through the Bloomberg Foundation, which was published by the Arab portal for technical news.

The third section of previous reports indicates that Spartacus could be part of Sony’s two existing services, PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now.

Bloomberg says the company wants to launch the service that included games, chip, and recent, but the upcoming game may not include God of War: Ragnarok. It is expected to have three different levels, containing various different levels.

The first level is expected to be very similar to the current PlayStation Plus subscription. While adding the following colors, PlayStation 4 and 5 games, as well as trials, extended, broadcast games online.

Also see previous reports that the top tier can include a library of classic games from systems like PlayStation 2 and PSP, and Sony has two subscription services:

• PlayStation Plus: gives access to games, some discounts, and some free games.

• PlayStation Now: Play to play your list of PS4, PS3 and PS2 games from cloud or download (options available depend on the game).

Sony is revealing next week’s PlayStation subscription, Xbox Play, its representation at the beginning of the month – mostly published by Microsoft – along with a third-party slate.

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This is the same price as the record for Game Pass, and lower than that of Game Pass Ultimate.

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It is known how the company deals with subscribe to the monthly subscription. have an equivalent level.

But there may be an improvement in quality in the price and the Xbox has overtaken PlayStation sales in the latter. But Sony lags behind Microsoft’s efforts in the streaming market.

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