SpaceX Raises Starlink Satellite Internet Prices

SpaceX, owned by entrepreneur Elon Musk, has raised prices for its launch and Starlink internet services due to rising inflation, and according to Space News, the company notified customers of its Starlink service on March 22 whose prices are the same and the station.

“Same set of these cars, amount and in,” the company wrote in an email to existing customers, and the cost of the service, which was $99 in the US, rose 11 percent to 110, and the cost of the station, which costs $499, increased In the US, to $549 in customs duties who already paid a deposit, a new $599 deposit, an increase of 20 percent.

It reported the transport payload to the Sun’s orbit and $2,500 for every extra pound that followed ($5,500 for every extra kilogram).

Previous flight prices were $1 million per 200 kg and $5,000 for each additional kg, and the initial prices for the Falcon 9 missile or Falcon Heavy will increase prices, and the Falcon 9 launch will cost $ 67 million, up from $ 62 million, and the Falcon Heavy launch will now be 97 Million dollars.

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