“Spotify” service in Russia pledges assistance to Ukraine

Spotify, the podcast and music streaming service, earlier this month suspended the service in Russia over its invasion of Ukraine and is now in its second month. While the previous procedure was not in a closed state.

And via variety “Spotify” has completely ceased operations in Russia, which will cost the company nearly 1.5 million subscribers.

“State regulation of mobile telecommunications, operate, operate, operate our service in the service of maintaining its continuity,” the company’s spokesperson said in a new statement.

At the same time, the national authority in the department indicates that these pictures indicate the safety of your employees in showing the safety of employees

After considering the current working conditions, we came to the difficult decision to completely suspend our service in Russia. ”

Sponsored media broadcasts were blocked by sponsored media, resulting in misinformation. Ironically, Spotify’s biggest star, Joe Rogan, has been criticized for misinformation related to the Covid virus. She announced her plans for the distance-to-ride.

Matching matching attached to each of the two engines in Ukraine. Spotify is the latest US company to pull out of Russia due to the war, leaving a huge gap for the citizens of that country. It is not clear which companies will return to Russia in the event of war.

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