Instagram is testing a new feed to get rid of an integrated set of top stories

Instagram debuts a new feed that transforms into a bunch of text messages, presenting everything in an on-screen, scrollable user interface.

According to the example posted by a researcher about his posts about his posts, stories and Reels

Videos for participation in the next part of the next page.

This method is in line with usage trends. The ability to improve the algorithm appears on your response to each specific post, rather than the current format that displays and displays more than one post across the screen at a time.

And since all Tik Tok clips, screen on, while the program is running, while watching this post as a benchmark for your response to that specific content.

It enables you to perform a special process to improve your videos.

Reels are also presented in the same way. of the algorithm effectively like Tik Tok.

We can suggest that you help with example, example, example, e-commerce, illustration.

Post a bigger message in the growth of Instagram engagement. More than they spend with their feed. So, the reason for this is change.

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