If you buy a used iPhone, how do you make sure that it is not stolen?

You find it in the atmosphere of returning often to buy used iPhones, as it comes at low prices originally, but at the same time, you find it in the beginning, as you find it on the next page, the next page may reach the misuse of the phone on the next page, it may be From The Mummy, May, May 1997, May 1997.

Find out the IMEI number of the phone

The IMEI number is the serial number.

Used phone Used phone The IMEI number of the phone and its verification is to have an internal phone in the phone case.

Your lie can be accessed through the settings, General Theme, then

– Check the phone online

Obtaining the IMEI number is based on its serial number, and if a user on these sites registers his phone as a stolen phone, he puts it in the “Blacklist” displayed when searched by anyone else who knows it was stolen.

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