Report: World C will have more than 115 million energy-efficient buildings by the end of 2022

As energy costs rise, the number of buildings deploying building technologies globally will reach 115 million in 2026, from 45 million in 2022, a new report Monday.

The 150-plus growth in energy use reflects energy use from businesses and residents alike, a new research house from Juniper Research, and scholars connecting to social and economic use, while creating a comfortable, comfortable environment for occupants.

Research found that non-residential smart buildings will make up 70% of global residential building spending in 2026, a sound level for 2022. Of great importance in home deployments, intensification of the environment.

By enabling buildings to monitor and automate common functions, significant gains per second can be achieved, improving the environment for workers and residents, and the research also found that global shipments of sensors in buildings, will exceed one billion annually in 2026 from 360 million in 2022, which is a growth of 204 percent.

sensors, and how they can be combined, with the administrative departments unit, and let the attendees adapt to circumstances; Matching elements such as lighting, heating and ventilation with the requirements of life.

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