Belarus acquires thermoelectric materials for power generation with new technology

Scientists at the University of Bilgo Scientific Research in Science and Technology proposed to obtain high-quality thermoelectric materials, according to the RT report.

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Energy used in the use of special thermoelectric materials, one of the most promising areas of solar energy.

This point leads to the minimization of energy disasters. Increasing numbers at the Belarusian University.

Scientists explained that its role is an active ingredient in the manufacture of alloys that use bismuth telluride, however

Cairo therefore greatly decreases the resistance of electrical materials. He said he expects to identify certain factors in the first phase of this project. The researcher said that the other difference of registration in production.

The technology is sure to become useful in the development of thermoelectric systems for the power, medicine, chemical and biological industries, as well as in the production and operation of products.

It is mentioned that the area surrounding the census is the neighboring area. The technology has been patented, and scientists will present it at the International Exhibition of Innovations “HI-TECH”.

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