I mean, YouTube Music has a new feature for Android devices

Google rolled out a new update, launching its iOS platform earlier this year, and it was first released by Google in the Play Music app and is now available on YouTube Music for Android users.

Playlist version this new version of playlist songs to wait, now then open next from now playing screen, also got “save” option. ‘Add to playlist’ option will appear when you click save button, this will lead you To an existing collection or you can create a new playlist Saving the playlist manually can be a waste of time and this will save you a start when you are done selecting the songs you want.

And it works on the Save button as well when you start a YouTube radio station, however, it’s important that you find the option to undo if I play it, and then play it I want to play a song that’s ready to play in the queue. It will continue to add the same group as often as it appears except from the playback preview to which the song was added.

This is an update to a number of responses to a post-level post, on YouTube Music. If you have another chance, you can turn on YouTube Music playback.

And Google’s music streaming platform has also received it. Recommended, Recommended tab and Artists, Recommended radio station. Shows 10 stations that update each time.

Another feature that YouTube Music got from the latest update for Android users is the new “Late Played Recently” screen widget. This image is divided into two main parts as it contains each other. The second section of the folder makes it easier to access your recently played videos, albums, and playlists.

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