Microsoft is working on the exchange of interactive browsers in Windows 11

New update rollout (KB5011563) started this week suite version older version windows 11 windows windows 11 windows windows 11 Windows OS 11 After testing changes in December this new one-click phase rolled out for all Windows 11 users .

Windows 11 shipped without a simple interface for switching browsers, and Windows 10.

According to The Verege’s link, a checkbox that only appears when you click a link outside of your browser should be checked.

Pushed, Microsoft, Back, Back, and Inside

The latest update for Windows 11, you can see the apps and apps, and display, a button appears asking if you want to set it as the default browser. Every action of changing processors is being changed before.

Image has clearly listened to feedback and the day about the changes you made in Windows 11. Image improvement improvements in Windows continue. plan to plan to plan to plan to plan to be owned in the future.

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