Report: Researching the installation of 6.8 million electric charging points for cars to reduce in Europe

Sales of electric vehicles (electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids) in the European Union increased severalfold in the past year, reaching 1.7 million units – or 18% of the total car market. 2.5 times during the same period.

The space allocated to the Association of European Automobile Member States (ACEA), the back of European cars

Citing the latest research by consulting firm McKinsey, ACEA proposes installing 6.8 million public charging points across the cluster from 27 countries by the end of the decade.

This means that up to 14,000 chargers will have to be installed for all kinds of electronic components – compared to the current rate of just under 2,000 TheNextWeb has moved.

No. 6.8 million euros

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“The main challenge now is to convince all member states to keep up with the appropriate pace of infrastructure sharing,” said Oliver Zipps, ACEA President and Director Central Commerce BMW.

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