Russian developers plan to launch an alternative to Google Play Store

Recent reports have revealed that Russian tech developers are building an alternative to Alphabet Inc’s Google Play Store, and are planning to launch it on May 9, a national holiday in Russia celebrating victory in World War II.

This month, YouTube and Google Play suspended all payment-based services in Russia, including the company, which focuses on digital development: “Unfortunately, Russians can no longer use Google Play normally to purchase and developers have lost their source of income.”

“This is why we are pleased with the Russian app store, NashStore,” Zykov said in a statement. The statement said that NashStore, which translates into English as “OurStore,” will serve Android devices, and should eventually be compatible with Russian Mir bank cards.

Traditionally, Russia holds a national parade of brute military force on May 9, Basta passes through Red Square in Moscow to commemorate the victory of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany in World War II.

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