SpaceX has successfully completed production of the new Crew Dragon astronaut capsules

Company terminated SpaceX Moles of Elon Musk, the production of astronauts’ press dragon crew Now, after you fired? dragon crew in fleet SpaceXthe general atmosphere primarily to the International Space Agency, and then return them to Earth.

Rent, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, was dragon crew A spacecraft that appears in outer space is particularly effective in carrying humans into orbit, and the first to have astronauts on outer space from American soil since the space shuttle program in 2011.

Debuting in 2020, the spacecraft moved dragon crew Humans have been to space times, including an entire commercial crew orbiting the Earth.

Work will continue on new components and parts for the fleet Dragon The current, company executives say, is combatively destined to funnel resources into the next-generation spaceship program, known as Starshipwhich will include landings on the surface of the Moon and Mars.

Production Production of capsules dragon crew new new challenges for SpaceXwhere the company learns how to maintain the fleet and solve problems quickly without disrupting a busy schedule of astronauts’ missions.

It is to show the bulk of the growth,,,,,,,,, SpaceX In being able to save money about me

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