Bloomberg: Apple, Facebook and Discord gave user data to hackers

did an Apple And the Facebook And the discord Handing over the speakers in the speakers window that appears to speak, in a new report from Bloomberg.

The requests, which were falsified to appear to be genuine legitimate requests from legitimate email accounts, were reportedly hacked.

According to Bloomberg all of Facebook And the an Apple By delivering the subscriber’s details, such as the customer’s telephone address and address IP“.

And the discord Internet addresses for accounts discord Clarification with a specific phone number, “Krebs implementation on security, hackers also targeted Explode, Explode It seems clear that the image is already ready.

As Bloomberg points out, an Apple And the Facebook By handing over the data to the sector authorities, these companies have been allocated to these companies.

Pictures of the status of requests requests requests requests requests requests requests requests requests requests requests for requests numbers accompanied.

In this case, he exploited the tactic to gain access to personal information about specific targets “financial fraud schemes facilities”.

And using the hacked emails, they successfully, successfully, successfully drove from the company the successful data scam.

And in a statement on behalf of the statement dead Love love love

the whole an Apple And the Explode, Explode Also to the company’s archives, their genealogy of policies on the legality of user data requests has been accompanied.

Riding is the rule of law.

We can confirm that discord Requests received from Charter enforcement and compliance with the law

The fact that a real condition was a real project was checked, and this is true, against the fact that the work was a real project.

These activities were, now, the result of commercial activity.

Excitingly for girls, the two researchers are looking for some of the people involved in this scheme with another high-profile group of tapestry:wearing $, whose members allegedly hacked Microsoft and Octa.

According to Bloomberg one of the people involved in order fraud “is believed to be the mastermind behind the cybercrime group wearing $. “

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