Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 update includes a new map.. Know the details

Activision has announced the third season update for the popular shooting game Call of Duty Mobile, the update is scheduled to roll out today March 30th and will bring new pages, changes and in-game practice to the game.

Call of Duty: Mobile is officially teasing a new game map that will arrive alongside the Season 3 update, Radical Raid, and will appear, dubbed Miami Strike.

Map of Miami Strike Detail

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The teaser video posted on Twitter via the official CoD: Mobile handle featured a similar map design from CoD: Black Ops Cold War, and because it’s a smaller map, you know it will offer more and more engaging gameplay. The map will also show close combat.

CoD: Mobile Season 3 Update Details

Picture to the collection, the Radical Raid update will also bring new weapons and pass, new ranked matches, and bug fixes in the game, apart from that, a new client will also be added to the game. Players can use this node operator to reach level 14.

How to update CoD: Mobile with Season 3 update

Players can update their game through stores to retail stores on their smartphone. Search the game and press the refresh button first update update.

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