A new smell experience in the virtual video game Resident Evil 7

Show a new study with highly smelly things like rotten food, smoke, and a moldy head.

Great chance of feeling people in the game environment.

The new study was conducted in the study in the study in the study in the study in the study atmosphere in the study in the study in the undergraduate study at the state CSIRO and the university for majors in the study: “the availability of tuition fees in their paper study in the real world”.

The results indicate that scents are added to the VR environment.

Conducting the study on 22 people, you can vote transmitting the volatile odor through a tube stuck under the participant’s nose.

One of the volatiles, cis-3-hexen-1-ol, an oily liquid that smells like fresh grass, was the feeling of being in the woods.

The other is dimethyl trisulfide, a decomposition product of decomposition, including the first stages of human decomposition to reveal the dead in the game.

Walked into the same reality environment twice, with or without the introduction of scent stimuli, and immediately after each game completed a questionnaire to determine their “sense of presence” from gameplay, as well as their sense of immersion in a scene.

The results showed that adding smells significantly increased the participants’ sense of spatial presence in virtual reality compared to virtual reality without smell.

This forum meets a lot for the opportunity to have the opportunity to have the opportunity to have the opportunity to have a virtual reality environment, and they wrote, the results: “In addition to the ideas, the results appear in applications for virtual training environments.”

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