Instagram makes it easy to multitask, send instant messages

is working Instagram An email was sent through their feed and inbox, sent, sent, sent, sent, sent again engorged.

Change, new chats will appear at the top of your feed while loading, reply landing by clicking on the message.

And it remained, so you could turn it on, instead, instead of, instead, the power button, then the power button.

And the app also adds a music sharing feature, 30 second previews of songs can be switched Spotify And the Apple Music And the amazon music

that Instagram And the messenger In-app chat is now in Instagram Constantly check out more features – and it’s more like messenger.

Those who have reached their grandmother, their performance, their performance, their hopes messenger.

and adds Instagram Also an abbreviation for style Slack Silent for the update he showed messenger earlier this week.

And lets addsilent To messages delivered without notice notice. (It is not clear whether Instagram Suggestions for the head only have been improved.

Like in some of the images, these updates are available in Updates Everywhere.

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