Learn about “META” services to celebrate Ramadan

The “Meta” Foundation, a foundation for the return of the “Sparkling Goodness” campaign, began next April, a new participation through our technologies, the disappearance of the month of Ramadan, to express themselves through our applications.

Meta revealed about the media in the Middle East; The United Nations The United Nations The United Nations The United Nations The United Nations The United Nations Meta said her company, will find it at the food fair.

Ramadan Talks Ramadan Talks hosts top global content creators through a series of live content on Facebook and Instagram, run by top content creators and centered around the “Ramadan Al Khair” campaign.

The first week features Chef Shaheen hosting a Facebook Live on Catering, where Chef Shaheen will address his creative guests The second week will see a special talk titled “The Reels Masters” hosted by Maha Jaafar alongside top Reels content creators, sharing all about the typists and their tips On how to create successful social media based on Reels.

In the third week, we will celebrate Earth Day. Using the environment, managers who encourage the environment, and advocates who encourage the next generation?

Favorite places to watch “Ramadan Al Khair”

The community of the local community they provide during Ramadan.”

We also share with our food and travel blog, Please Share No Some of the issues we will be working with: Sidon Youth, Tripoli Charity, Safe Side, and Teta and Jeddo.

Art in the main image in the title: Featured image in the main image, creators of augmented reality Spark AR, MadebyHumans and Filterqu.

The reality will be hosted on the SparkAR Makers Meta Instagram account. Even starting April 2, you can try out these AR effects on your Stories or Reels. You can click to access it.

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