The Northern Lights may appear in these states due to a geomagnetic storm

The stunning natural image as a result of displaying 1.8 million GDP on Earth and displayed in color display in color display in sky fast.

The first edition of what was reported by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the first warning of a geomagnetic storm was issued on Monday from a forecast hypothesis period in the space space of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Corporation (NOAA), residence initially starting from the G2 class but since it was upgraded to G3.

G-Scale space weather forecast seasons to describe a terrestrial storm, caused by charged particles from the Sun interacting with the Earth’s magnetic field, with G1 being the weakest and G5 the most extreme.

As for the second rank, it was the result of comparing them.

In fact, it can be able to event events on electronics and satellites.

Harvest from now showing at that Persian time from 40 SpaceX Starlink satellites, they had not ascended to their desired orbit, due to geomagnetism earlier this year.

This may cause GPS-enabled results.

Possible problem is asymptomatic, clone, clone, clone, as shown in black, this background appears in higher viewing areas.

Magnetic magnetism

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