The US Department of Justice is investigating Google over a reading app

The US Department of Justice has shown opening investigations into Google Maps to determine the information between the service and other programs from Google legally stifling competition, Reuters, and two sources that the investigation of the start of the download for the first time in late 2020, the last,.

For a moment, according to Al-Arabiya, the investigations focus on two axes, the first is on applications, including navigation, as they are provided through information and entertainment screens in cars, and come within the Google Automotive Services package for car manufacturers, and combine together Maps and the Google Play application store, Google Assistant, and many other services.

Car companies are forbidden, one source said, from confusing Google Maps with voice assistants developed by smaller car companies.

In response, Google said that the integration provides a better experience, and in some cases a rival voice assistant can work with Google Maps.

The second axis focuses on application and website developers, as one of the sources indicates that the company prohibits websites or mobile applications that use Google services.

The Congressional Antitrust Committee concluded in a Big Tech team report in 2020 that it should forcefully enforce this requirement, and require developers to have Google Maps service or not.

The company defended its foreign policy

It also has some exceptions, as it does in Google, as it does it.

Money is at stake

Reuters in some cases.

And the emergence of the information in the table, due to fear of retaliation from Google, about their concern about the operation of the phone running the new Android operating system

This comes with regard to the university. Welcome to Big Investors.

And part of it, the constant use of Google Maps services enables the company to collect more data to maintain its dominance over competing options.

Do you legally tie the products together?

And in 1998, the government sued Microsoft for antitrust law by linking its operating system’s monopoly to Internet Explorer to crush rival Netscape browser.

He said he had not verified what the photo was that department employees are investigating Google Maps including whether or not he has sued.

Google is already facing a lawsuit brought by the ministry in 2020, accusing it of breaching antitrust law on search engines.

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