Apple allows Spotify, Netflix and Amazon to develop their websites within their apps

The simplest service for services such as Netflix and Amazon a link to their applications that send to a different website for payment, avoiding the application commission, step, demanded by services, where the user can already have in fact.

A party for what the British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported, only, as they are allowed to watch a single application that provides music and movie services. “

This episode came

It has been changed in transactions around the world.

It will not be available automatically, as the developer will need to request access to the external link account entitlement program before being able to add the app links.

This action is done by Apple in doing this action they will pay to perform this app they will pay Apple but this will give my buddy access to the current payment.

First announcing the change in seven months, she is preparing to hold off the change and open the doors to being turned over to developers on the website.

Other “reader apps” offer Disney+ and Amazon’s Kindle Store, which in turn provide a direct link to the registration website.

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