How to do it.. How to reset your Apple ID password if you forget it

If you forgot your Apple ID password, this is a real problem, because it gives you the opportunity to access iCloud, without it, you could be blocked from an essential part of your personal life. Here are some of the ways you can set your Apple ID password.

How to reset Apple ID password on iPhone or iPad

There are several ways to modify it in setting Apple ID password

Steps to return it via the application

1. Go to the Settings app “Options above your name at the top, then choose “Password and Security”, followed by “Change password”.

2. Type the passcode you unlock with, then add a new password in the on-screen next Change.

3. You will have to enter the new password on the other Apple devices.

Steps to get back that used iForgot

1. Go to and press Continue.

2. Enter your device passcode, as required, then tap Continue.

3. Enter the desired new password twice, then press Next or Change depending on the device.

Steps to return it through a friend’s device

If you don’t have any access to your iPhone or iPad, asking a friend to help you, is through the Apple Support app or Find My iPhone.

Support app: You can install the app when you tap on Passwords & Security, from there, you’ll choose Reset Apple ID Password followed by Get Started, then a different Apple ID.

– Find My iPhone: Your friend will go to Find My iPhone, when prompted, the login app starts, they need to put in a blank ID field, then tap Forgot Apple ID or Password and follow the onscreen.

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