Instagram introduces 7 new messaging features .. Know the details

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Late last year, the head of Instagram said the company would also focus on messaging. “Messaging is one of the primary ways people communicate online, and we believe Instagram needs to embrace the reality of messaging,” Mosseri said.

And as per the plan, the company has now announced seven new messaging features I wonder what those are, here’s a list to help you out.

Reply while browsing

For example, it will enable you to access e-mail, its goal, for example, to reach Facebook, and for you to reach Facebook.

Share media quickly or more with friends

Quick videos or clip with the contacts you interact with most frequently. The indication that the information is already there was published in a previous post.

know the caller

Get a chance to get a real answer Get a real answer Get a chance to get a real answer.

Play, pause, and playback playback

Its appearance will be able to be held accountable and preview directly from the chat window.

Send messages quietly

It will allow shooting in messages without delay late at night.

Collaboration segmentation survey

Increase the chat rate in the most popular chat.

New topic for chat

Instagram has also added a new lo-fi chat feature to make your conversations more personal. The letters have these new features in select countries, and the company plans to expand globally in the coming days.

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